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Study Tour Janssen Pharmaceutica May 28th 2019

Booking necessarily for lab experts - very rewarding


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International Freezer Challenge 2019

EGNATON-Award for the three best European teams

The International Freezer Challenge awards 2019 prizes to laboratory teams from universities and organizations in Europe and around the world who improve their freezer and sample management or test out new ideas. Each measure, whether established or newly introduced, gives points and whoever achieves the most points -  as a university or individual laboratory - is honored.

International awards are given to the best laboratory teams, the best universities and organizations. The winning teams will be published in Nature.

The three best European teams are honored by the EGNATON-Award.

The challenge runs until spring 2019.

The International Freezer Challenge is organized by the US-American organizations MyGreenLab and the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). In Europe, the Freezer Challenge is supported by the European Association for Sustainable Laboratories.

If you have further questions regarding the EGNATON-award, please contact:

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What about Freezer Challenge



Source - Carpus+Partner / Jörg Stanzick

EGNATON and IWT signed certification contract for rack washer


Edoardo Bernardini (IWT), Egbert Ditrrich (EGNATON) and Monica Grandi (IWT)


The Sustainable Laboratory Handbook

Finally deliverable: The Sustainable Laboratory Handbook, Egbert Dittrich – ISBN 978-3-527-33567-1

A must-have for all laboratory experts!



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